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Wolfgang Donsbach Outstanding Journal Article of the Year Award

  Dear all Since mid-May I am enjoying parental leave in Kristiansund – a beautiful city covering four nearby islands in the fjords of Norway – where my wife and our two kids live since last August. I thus could not attend this years major conference event – the ICA conference in Japan in June – although I was happy to make some presence at least. At the annual business meeting of the Journalism Studies Division of ICA it was

New edited book: Människorna, medierna och marknaden – Medieutredningens forskningsantologi

  Dear all On April 7th I travelled to my old hometown Gothenburg to present the open-access SOU book “Människorna, medierna och marknaden – Medieutredningens forskningsantologi” at the annual media industry conference MEG. The special inquirer Anette Novak made an introductory note, followed by myself as editor briefly introducing the book and its 5 themes comprising 20 original chapters by a total of 28 authors. This was followed by short notes on their respective chapter by Gunnar Nygren, Jonas Andersson-Schwarz and Sara Leckner. We

New book chapter on Mobile Media and Communication published by NORDICOM

   NORDICOM is a knowledge centre in the field of media and communication research, a cooperation between the five countries of the Nordic region – Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Starting from academic research, Nordicom collects and adapts knowledge, mediating it to various user groups in the Nordic region, Europe and elsewhere in the world. NORDICOM has conducted tleephone-based surveys annually since 1979. A bi-annual publication called MedieSverige analyzes these patterns, by inviting scholars from different areas to analyze