Letter of acceptance from Digital Journalism – journal article for special issue


Today I was happy to receive the formal and final etter of acceptance from Digital Journalism  on a journal article for a forthcoming special issue called “Theories of Journalism in a Digital Age”, edited by Steen Stensen and Laura Ahva (which also will be published by Routledge as a book).

The article is titled“Actors, Actants, Audiences, and Activities in Cross-Media News Work: A Matrix and a Research Agenda” and has been co-authored by Seth Lewis and myself. It was a truly exciting and rewarding experience to theorize on this topic with Seth, and our first steps in this direction involved to write an ICA conference paper, which we will present in Seattle next month in case you are coming there.

Basically we have developed and conceptualized a more holistic approach to the study of “digital journalism” (or cross-media news work). Our abstract says:

In contemporary journalism, there is a need for better conceptualizing the changing nature of human actors, nonhuman technological actants, and diverse representations of audiences—and the activities of news production, distribution, and interpretation through which actors, actants, and audiences are inter-related. This article explicates each of these elements—the Four A’s—in the context of cross-media news work, a perspective that lends equal emphasis to editorial, business, and technology as key sites for studying the organizational influences shaping journalism. We argue for developing a sociotechnical emphasis for the study of institutional news production: a holistic framework through which to make sense of and conduct research about the full range of actors, actants, and audiences engaged in cross-media news work activities. This emphasis addresses two shortcomings in the journalism studies literature: a relative neglect about (1) the interplay of humans and technology, or manual and computational modes of orientation and operation, and (2) the interplay of editorial, business, and technology in news organizations. This article’s ultimate contribution is a cross-media news work matrix that illustrates the interconnections among the Four A’s and reveals where opportunities remain for empirical study

Our cross-media news work matrix:



Ps. this is the first, but not the last, article you can expect from us….