The Media Inquiry (Medieutredningen): Process and book release

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Sorry for not writing the past 9 months, but in March I was approached by the special inquirer (and CEO) Anette Novak to join the Swedish Media Inquiry (Medieutredningen)  as their Research Leader. The Media Inquiry was appointed by the Ministry of Culture and the Swedish government.

April 15th I embarked the journey, working full time as Research leader. To date, we have completed our first task, namely the release of “Medieborgarna & medierna. En digital värld av rättigheter, skyldigheter – möjligheter och ansvar”, which is an official government report SOU 2015:94 (delbetänkande) reporting on the analysis of the current mediascape.The picture below shows Anette Novak, Göran Blomberg and myself handing over the media inquiry book to Alice Bah Kuncke (Culture Minister) on November 5th.

ABK_Anette Novak_Göran Blomberg_Oscar Westlund_690-4

The book contains more than 350 pages outlining, describing and explaining important shifts with regards to citizens and their uses of media, their production and distribution of media, the shifting conditions for media content, an assessment of current media policy, scenarios for the future media landscape, and much more. All members of the Medieutredningen committé have contributed to the writing and proofreading of the SOU, and in addition the special inquirer Anette Novak, the head secretary Göran Blomberg and myself have held main responsibilities for specific chapters. I have thus taken main responsibility for the research and writing of chapters 3 and 4.

besides writing we have organized regional conferences and dozens of meetings with stakeholders in the Swedish media industry as well as among governmental institutions and other organisations. In addition I have organized academic seminars focusing on the Media Inquiry by making visits to the relevant journalism, media, technology or management departments at the universities in many cities: Borås University, University of Jönköping, University of Gothenburg, Royal Technological Institute, Lund University, Malmö University, Mid-Sweden University, Stockholm University, Södertörn University, Umeå University and Uppsala university in Sweden, and also University of Bergen in Norway.

The book can be downloaded for free from the Swedish government:

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Work continues. In November and December I will lecture in Oslo and Luleå on the Media Inquiry, and also work towards completing an edited research volume for the Media Inquiry comprising approximately 20 qualified chapters from senior scholars around Sweden.

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