New edited book: Människorna, medierna och marknaden – Medieutredningens forskningsantologi


Dear all

On April 7th I travelled to my old hometown Gothenburg to present the open-access SOU book “Människorna, medierna och marknaden – Medieutredningens forskningsantologi” at the annual media industry conference MEG. The special inquirer Anette Novak made an introductory note, followed by myself as editor briefly introducing the book and its 5 themes comprising 20 original chapters by a total of 28 authors. This was followed by short notes on their respective chapter by Gunnar Nygren, Jonas Andersson-Schwarz and Sara Leckner. We concluded with a brief discussion on how research can provide insights to media industry as well as authorities and politicians. Our conference session can be viewed on Youtube.

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Personally I am happy and proud of the book, which gathers very interesting chapters on a large number of topics, each containing state-of-the-art research reviews as well as concise conclusions as well as discussions of implications for future media politics. I am sure it will be useful for not academics, politicians, authorities as well as media managers and media practitioners.


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