Wolfgang Donsbach Outstanding Journal Article of the Year Award

Skärmavbild 2016-06-23 kl. 15.21.39 WD article award


Dear all

Since mid-May I am enjoying parental leave in Kristiansund – a beautiful city covering four nearby islands in the fjords of Norway – where my wife and our two kids live since last August. I thus could not attend this years major conference event – the ICA conference in Japan in June – although I was happy to make some presence at least.

At the annual business meeting of the Journalism Studies Division of ICA it was announced that Seth C. Lewis and I received the prestigious Wolfgang Donsbach Outstanding Journal Article of the Year Award for our 2015 article “Actors, Actants, Audiences, and Activities in Cross-Media News Work” published in a special issue of Digital Journalism led by Steen Steensen and Laura Ahva (whom made our article the lead article of the special issue). We are both very honored and proud, and have received many exciting responses and inquiries from scholars around the world both before and after receiving the award. We are definitely going to build further on this conceptual article in our research to come.

Here are the 3 judges comments, motivating the choice of our article for the award, at the ICA conference:

1: “This article makes a vital contribution in outlining theoretical framework for developing ANT in journalism studies which could have a tremendous impact on future agendas for research in the field.”

2:The paper “produces robust, original and nuanced theorising of the sphere of journalism as an integrated space of technology, human actors and market forces. Well-informed about relevant literature and thoroughly argued, it is an exemplary piece of how the field of JS should proceed: as a field of substantial theory production, not simply empirical research and conceptual fine-tuning

3: ““The paper develops an ambitious yet simple theoretical framework that integrates parsimoniously major aspects of journalism (actors, actants, audience and activities). The suggested framework can inspire future studies and help generate multifaceted and integrative insights on changes in the journalistic field.”