Oscar Westlund is Associate Professor at the department of Journalism, Media and Communication (JMG) at the University of Gothenburg and at the Culture Aesthetics Organizations and Society division (CAOS) at the IT-University of Copenhagen.

Westlund is an interdisciplinary researcher focusing on the transformations and relationships between old and new media. He has specialized in qualitative and quantitative longitudinal studies of media organizations, media content and services, as well as media usage patterns. He researches the evolving dynamics and interplay of journalism, ICTs and crisis communications on individual, generational and societal level. Westlund serves on the editorial boards of Digital Journalism, Journal of Media Innovations and Mobile Media & Communication. He has published widely in Swedish and English, including the monograph “Cross-media news work – Sensemaking of the Mobile Media (R)evolution” (2011). Westlund has published widely in international peer-review journals, including articles in Digital Journalism, Information, Communication & Society, Journalism Practice, Journalism Studies, European Review, Northern Lights, International Journal on Media Management, Behaviour & Information Technology, New Media & Society and International Journal of Communication

In 2014 Westlund mainly pursues research into the  diverse role legacy media and digital/mobile media play for various generations in everyday life and during crisis situations, for the JMG project on Crisis Communications 2.0  and the collaborative project with Ericsson, Carmenta and Security Arena called SOMCRISC. He also guest edits a special section focusing “News Consumption in an Age of Mobile Media”, to be published in vol. 3:2, 2015 of Mobile Media & Communication). See the CFP here. Moreover, he collaborates and co-authors various articles and chapters relating to the changing mediascape, transforming media use patterns, and also changing ways of cross-media news work. He is course manager at JMG for an advanced course into various organizational approaches to analysis, and also teaches on journalism, media and communication for undergraduate-, Masters-, and PhD students.