OWFrom 2005 to 2014 I have taught more than 5,000 hours at various courses and levels, for various universities, mostly at the University of Gothenburg. My teaching has focused on areas such as journalism, digital-, mobile- and social media, mobile communication, media management, strategic communication, crisis communication as well as different approaches to analytical work. My teaching has involved holding lectures, leading seminars and exams, and supervising and grading bachelor and master theses. I have developed and modified entire courses, as well as elements of specific courses.

At the University of Gothenburg I currently serve as course administrator for an advanced course titled “Analysis of media, organisations and opinions”, which instructs on different analytical approaches, including business intelligence analysis, trend- and scenario analysis, segmenting, stakeholder analysis, and opinion analysis. The course involves more than a dozen guest lecturers, which I invite from organizations such as Stampen Media Group, Volvo Cars, Swedish Radio, Vattenfall, Mölnlycke Health Care, United Minds, Kairos Future and many more.

In 2014 the students of my course ensured that I won the Göta Studentkår Pedagogical Prize at the social science faculty for my deep engagement in their learning, and the course more generally. I truly feel honoured, as I have developed and reconfigured this course on my own over the course of several years.

20140530_Pedagogiskt pris 2014

At the IT University of Copenhagen I was course administrator for the Master’s course “Mobile Communication: Design, Business and Social Context”, during fall 2012. In 2013 I continued to teach on the course by holding lectures and organizing exercises, and also lectured on other courses focusing mobile media and communication. During 2013-2014 I supervise various projects and theses on Masters level.