Research on Media Production

In my dissertation I studied sensemaking of mobile media among journalists, technologists and businesspeople (i.e. their interpretations and actions). It focused how tensions between these three groups came to play, as well as the tensions at play between humans and machines, between producers and (prod-)users, as well as between old and new. The project was published as a monograph titled “Cross-media News Work – Sensemaking of the Mobile Media(R)evolution,”. Following this, I have continued publishing on the topic, including original journal articles such as “Producer-centric vs. Participation-centric: On the Shaping of Mobile Media”, and “The 4C´s of Mobile News – Channels, Conversation, Content and Commerce” with Francois Nel. In addition, I have also published a review article titled “Mobile news: a review and model of journalism in an age of mobile media”, which served as the lead article of the inaugural issue of Digital Journalism. Moreover, in 2012 I served as guest editor for a special issue in Information, Communication & Society, which casted new light on some of the tensions identified in his dissertation. My “Guest editorial – Transforming tensions: legacy media towards participation and collaboration”, briefly discusses the topic, introducing the eight highly interesting contributions, among which Seth Lewis article “The tension between professional control and open participation – Journalism and its boundaries” was awarded “Outstanding Article of the Year in Journalism Studies” by the International Communication Association (ICA) in 2012.