Research on Media Use

I started researching media use in 2003, through a thesis project applying an online focus group to explore attitudes towards paying for online news. This project was later published by the Newspaper Research Program, then placed at JMG at the University of Gothenburg, for which I was employed as a research assistant from 2005 to 2008. This position provided an opportunity to employ quantitative and qualitative methods for the study of transforming news accessing, focusing print-, online- and mobile news usage patterns, and involved the publishing of book chapters and reports in Swedish.

However, valuing the importance of international academic publishing, I invested much of my personal time to publish some of the results in English. Moreover, I ensured to broaden my horizon through participation in international research projects as well. This included co-leading the Swedish branch of a comparative study of mobile use in Sweden and Japan with Professor Erik Bohlin at Chalmers University of Technology, funded by Japanese telecom operator NTT DoCoMo. One of the publications coming from this project was my comparative analysis of attitudes towards mobile news in Japan and Sweden titled “New(s) functions for the mobile”. Another international project I participated in focused on mobile search, organized by the EU-commission Joint Research Centre (JRC) at the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS). It led to the publishing of a co-authored book titled “Prospects of Mobile Search“, as well as a journal article titled “Exploring the Logic of Mobile Search” .

My research on media use has applied many methods, such as postal mail- and Web surveys, interviews, focus groups and focus groups online. Thematically speaking I have since long focused much on how mobile news is gaining traction; for instance, see early works such as “From mobile phone to mobile device; news consumption on the go”, or the most recent book chapter “Nyhetsanvändning med mobil”. Another important research area has concerned cross-media news consumption, and the possible displacing- and complementary effects involved. This consists of a series of publications with Mathias Färdigh, among which a key publication is titled “Displacing and Complementing Effects of News Sites on Newspapers 1998-2009”. A more recently published article “Conceptualizing Media Generations: the Print-, Online- and Individualized Generations”, applies a similar theoretical and empirical approach but also studies the role of mobile news. Most importantly, that article uses a generational framework for the analysis, which leads us to another key area in my research. My first attempt towards studying generational media use was a journal article on mobile communication, co-authored with Göran Bolin, titled “Mobile generations: the role of mobile technology in the shaping of Swedish media generations”. More recently, I have published an extensive empirical analysis of transforming media use among generations, with Lennart Weibull, titled “Generation, life course and news media use in Sweden 1986-2011”, as well as studies of young Swedes’ media use, such as “Mobile news life of young” (

Nowadays, I consciously strive to publish my research on media use both in Swedish and English. I publish chapters for handbooks, themed books and student litterature in both languages. Moreover, I continuously compose chapters for the annual published books by the SOM-institute at the University of Gothenburg (all chapters are accessible for free here.