Article published in Digital Journalism: “Big Data and Journalism: Epistemology, expertise, economics, and ethics, “

My dear friend and awesome collaborator – Seth C. Lewis – and I have recently published an article titled: “Big Data and Journalism: Epistemology, expertise, economics, and ethics”. This conceptual piece concludes the special section in Digital Journalism on big data and journalism guest edited by Seth C. Lewis. All the articles are accessible as online first, and are truly worth a read. The full reference to our work is: Lewis, Seth & Westlund, Oscar (2015). Big Data and Journalism:

2 articles published in The Journal of Media Innovations

In August the second issue of the first volume of the Journal of Media Innovations was published, an issue focusing on innovations in the newsroom and beyond. All articles in the journal are OPEN-ACESS. I copntributed with 2 co-authored articles. First, Seth C. Lewis and I were delighted to have our conceptual work on agents of media innovation being published as the lead article of the issue. The full reference for our article is: Westlund, Oscar & Lewis, Seth (2014).

Back from paternity leave

Hi there During the fall I have obviously been inactive here, which is due to the fact that I spent my time in the wonderful company of my daughter Dahlia – and my wife Neda – on an extended paternity leave. Also, in the end of October Neda gave birth to our son Arwin. Things have definately been busy on the family end. Anyhow, now I am back to work and will publish (irregular) posts on my academic work Oscar