TV interview with SVT on the termination of local news by TV4

TV4 will terminate their local news coverage in Sweden, marking the end of commercial TV news with local ambitions. This was a big issue in Swedish news media, and for the Swedish news industry. I agreed to comment for SVT Västnytt – the Public Serice news for western Sweden. See the video here:     

Completion of managing my university course: “Analysis of Media, Organizations and Opinions”

            The first half of each semester I manage a course for the media and communications science students at JMG (University of Gothenburg). The course is titled “Analysis of Media, Organizations and Opinions” (Analys av Medier, Organisationer och Opinioner) and comprises 30 students. I have with much passion and ambition continously developed this course focusing analysis since 2007. Nowadays it is organzied into two carefully designed themes covering analysis: The first encompasses 1.) environmental anaysis,

Presentation for 4 governmental authorities

On Friday March 28th I went to Stockholm to lecture on “Journalism in a transforming mediascape” (Journalistik i ett föränderligt medielandskap”) at a conference organized by four authorities: The Swedish broadcasting authority (myndigheten för radio och tv), The Swedish Media Council (Statens Medieråd), The Press Subsidies Council (Pressstödsnämnden) and Swedish Agency for Accessible Media (Myndigheten för tillgängliga medier). The lecture went well, and I was inspired by some of the talks by other presenters coming from the magazine industry and gaming