Presentations at MEG14

Things are hectic these days. Last week I held two presentations at the annual Nordic media conference. The first was titled “Gratistidningen i en mobil tidsålder” (Free dailies in an age of mobile media”), and in which I applied medium-centric niche theory to the interrelationship of mobile news and free dailies. It was followed by a discussion with the CEO of Mitti-tidningarna, running around 30 dailies in Stockholm. We had some great discussions and UR filmed the entire session (

New book chapter on Mobile Media and Communication published by NORDICOM

   NORDICOM is a knowledge centre in the field of media and communication research, a cooperation between the five countries of the Nordic region – Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Starting from academic research, Nordicom collects and adapts knowledge, mediating it to various user groups in the Nordic region, Europe and elsewhere in the world. NORDICOM has conducted tleephone-based surveys annually since 1979. A bi-annual publication called MedieSverige analyzes these patterns, by inviting scholars from different areas to analyze

Book chapter published in Norweigian book on media innovation

   Now “Innovasjon og verdiskaping i lokale medier” has been published. This book, edited by Lisbeth Morlandstø and Arne H. Krumsvik, collects numerous good chapters focusing the Norweigian media market. Arne Krumsvik and I have co-authored a chapter named “Hvem tar initiativ til innovasjonsprosesser i nyhetsmediene?En historisk gjennomgang”, where we start by discussing international research, and then present findings on a survey with Norweigian media managers. We conclude that Norweigian news media have moved from “editorial” development to a sort