New journal article published in Journalism Studies

On January 7th Journalism Studies made an OnlineFirst publishing of “Modelling News Media Use: Positing and applying the medium-centric/generation-centric model to the analysis of media use in everyday life and crisis situations“. This article was co-authored with my JMG-colleague Marina Ghersetti, and I personally think our model is quite compelling. IF you do not have access to the journal, send me an e-mail and I will send you a T&F link for free copy. You can also choose to download


2014 marks the official release of this personal and professional website. Here you will find updated and comprehensive information about my scholarly work, including the various scientific texts I publish, as well as information on my teaching and my work as an editor and reviewer. The webpage functions as a sort of continuously updated curriculum vitae, but will also offer (irregular) blog posts. These blog posts are intended to give insight into my various scholarly activities, such as articles being